Mishya Rai


This is a place where run-on sentences + bad punctuation will most likely exist because I'm no journalist but I'm definitely a talker + I love sharing exciting moments with you wonderful people! Thank you for stopping by + being so willing to take a glimpse into my lens. 





Their wedding was entirely golden. Literally everything about this day was just right. Costa Rica married Minnesota + every person that knew this couple was absolutely ecstatic about this wedding! From wild turkey to the sweet lakes of the north + glowing smiles to *everyones* tears of joy, Rowan + Billy became one underneath Minnesota's tall colorful trees. Cheers to this amazing duo <3



Let me tell ya, these two babes are really freakin' awesome. Not only is Meranda a phenomenal singer + Austin is a fan-stinkin-tastic guitar player, but they are also D.F.W. + can model... even when they aren't even trying!! I was only in Minnesota for just a few days when my sweet friend Molly was craving to get out and shoot. We weren't shooting for longer than 30minutes with them AND we both still managed to get some pretty rad pics of these two hot lovebirds. Not bad, right?


J E N N I F E R  +  M A X

Ugh guys. Jennifer + Max's wedding hit me in the feels + I loved every part of it. 
Jennifer was always that girl I looked up to growing up. She had one of the sweetest personalities and always lit up a room when she walked in. Not to mention I really wanted to be apart of her rad girl gang that she was always with (which, by the way- they ended up being her bridesmaids!) If you would of asked me 13 years ago if I was going to be the lucky girl behind the lens for her beautiful backyard wedding, I probably would of rolled my eyes & called you crazy. It's so amazing seeing how much life can change and what opportunities roll your way. 
Jennifer + Max, your home wedding was absolutely flawless. Thank you both for trusting me and being so willing to just "go with it".  You two were made for one another. Love you both xo


Craving a fresh start, Catalina worked her tail off + graduated high school a semester early. Shortly following that,  she picked up everything she had + moved to California. It's a bittersweet thing when you have to let go of the negativity in your life, especially when it involves people that were once so close to you. But if anything, Catalina has blossomed into a fearless LA boss babe who's living freely + not allowing anything to hold her back. She's got the entire world at her fingertips- so watch out for her you guys, no doubt in my mind that she's going to rise up to higher levels. I collaborated with my friends Luke + Molly  to crack open our creative lids + we had a ton of fun fighting off the mosquitos to make this shoot happen.



Justin & Katelyn's wedding had magical thunderstorms through out the entire day and it made for some beautiful moody photos.

These two are truly meant to be and I'm beyond excited for their journey ahead! It was so much fun running around with Julia, brainstorming how to get "the perfect shot" during Tulsa's drenching downpour, but it was totally worth it. Congrats to this AMAZING couple! xo



*Plans shoot for 5 o'clock.* 

*Instant downpour, thunder, lightning, hail, and crazy wind*

*15 minutes later, clear skies just in time for Tulsa's beautiful sunset*

Her heart is as bold as the thunder and dang, I can't wait to see where the world is going to take her (or where she'll take the world).