Mishya Rai



I'm a full-time wedding photographer currently residing in Tulsa, OK with my husbabe Adam Scott. Being newlyweds, we've quickly found out we are much better together than apart + our passion for photographing love has grown immensely. 

If you are just searching for somebody to show up at your wedding with a high quality camera + to get those classic photos, then I may not be your type. Which is totally okay because I want you to find your perfect fit! (I just may not be it!)

I'm always down for adventure but I also love being super chill too. I'm not all about the awkward fake smile or those stiff disingenuous poses. I want to capture you, your sweet love, + your story.

My main goal is to capture who you are + the moment we are living in. I want to photograph those snorts that come out of nowhere when you laugh too hard, or that glare you give when your beloved says that cute (yet annoying) sarcastic comment. I want to capture the glossy eyes + rosy cheeks that you get while looking into his/her eyes, + the excitement that glows radiantly on your face when you realize that you get to say your "I do's" today. I want you to be able to look back at your photographs + relieve those moments every time you come across them.

I want you to know, that I completely got your back.

My goal is to listen to your story, so I can tell your story.

If that sounds right to you, let's do this together.